Connect Windows PC Printers to Google Cloud Print

 Software Devices presents  Cloud Print for Windows  

Cloud Print for Windows, is a client for Windows PCs that exports local printers to the Google Cloud Print virtual printer service. Cloud Print for Windows then monitors these virtual printers and prints jobs submitted to a virtual printer on the corresponding local PC printer. In addition, Cloud Print for Windows supports printing from your PC to Google Cloud Print virtual printers. All without any need for the Chrome browser.

Email and Disk File Security

Software Devices is a distributor of  Person To Person

Person To Person, by PTP Security, is the one-stop solution for confidential data transfer through the public internet for Windows PCs. Easily and securely encrypts email messages and/or attachments or files sent with file transfer tools. Can also be used to encrypt files kept on your computer. All without the requirement of 3rd party certificates.

Visit PTP Security for more information

Network Monitoring/Event Detection and Notification

Software Devices is a distributor of  PageR Enterprise

PageR Enterprise, by CPL Systems of the U.K., is a system and network monitoring tool that runs on Windows operating systems.  PageR monitors network objects like Windows systems, Event Logs, Services, Performance Counters, NetWare servers, client PCs, Web Servers, SNMP devices (printers & routers) and non-Windows host systems (Unix, HP3000, IBM, DEC)  for problem events and provides alarm notification via pager, email and real-time messaging. PageR Enterprise is an easy to use yet powerful network monitoring solution at a low cost of ownership.

Download Version 5.4.11

Print Output Management and Network Printing Solutions for the HP 3000 Logo


HP3000 Image Database Management Tool


Software Devices is a sales and support agent for the HP3000 Image Database management tool FLEXIBASE.

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Last updated  July 10, 2019

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