PageR Enterprise
  System and Network Monitoring Hosted on Windows 

Product Information

PageR Enterprise is a system and network monitoring tool that runs on Windows 2003/2008/2012/XP/Vista/7/8. PageR Enterprise monitors objects (systems, servers, printers, hosts, clients...) on the network and generates alarms when problem events occur. Alarms are delivered via pager, phone call, e-mail, message broadcast, Twitter and IM client. PageR Enterprise is also known as Scrambler Alert or NightWatch. 

PageR Enterprise can monitor the following network "objects"

Windows Systems

Are they up?

NetWare Servers

Are they up?

Ping (IP devices)

Do they respond?

SNMP Agents

Query and test SNMP Mib variables on SNMP enabled devices.

SNMP Traps

Receive and process SNMP traps originated by SNMP enabled devices.

TCP Services

Monitor TCP service availability (FTP, SMTP, HTTP, NSVT and others).

UDP Services

Monitor UDP service availability (SNMP and others).

Windows Event Logs

Examine contents.

Windows Services

Are they up (optional restart if down)?

Windows Performance Counters

Check system performance, disk usage and much more.

Windows Processes

Check that processes are or are not running.

Windows Managment Instrumentation

Query and test WMI objects on Windows systems.

Windows Updates

Check and report on updates available but not installed on Windows systems.

Windows MBSA

Examine Windows systems for security problems using the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer.

Disk Files

Examine contents of system or application log files. Includes NetWare console and system logs.

Syslog Server

Receive and process messages from UNIX systems.

DNS Server

Monitor network address resolution by DNS servers.

Web Pages

Do they download ok and how long does it take?

Host System Support

Non-Windows hosts can cause alarms by sending trigger files to Scrambler or  Scrambler can retrieve them with it's own FTP capability.

Host Login

Logon on to non-Windows host systems using Telnet. Interact with host OS using scripts. Run host diagnostics and process the output.

Host Process

Simpler form of Host Login that only monitors processes on host systems.

Host Volume

Simpler form of Host Login that only monitors disk volumes on host systems.

Email Ping

Test mail system connectivity by sending and receiving back email messages.

Email Checker

Retrieve email messages from mail server and examine contents. Generate alarms to take actions based on that content.


Monitor email box and generate notifications based on mail messages.


Monitor network interfaces on systems and alert when traffic levels exceed thresholds.


Monitor space consumption or file count in a Windows directory.


Test a dialup connection. Supports RAS or modem to modem.

Instant Messaging

Monitor PageR Enterprise's activity and receive alarm notifications via Instant Messaging.

Scripting Support

Use VB or Java script to create your own monitoring tasks, execute scripts in response to alarms or perform repettitive tasks.

Environmental Monitoring

Supports the Room Alert environmental monitoring interface. Room Alert is a simple hardware device that interfaces environmental monitoring sensors to a Windows system via a serial port. Monitor and alarm on high/low temperature, flood, UPS engage, low/high humidity conditions and more.

Alarms on the network are reported via phone, pager, e-mail, message broadcast, Twitter and IM/Skype client. Paging can be simple or alphanumeric and can be performed with a modem or with an optional paging hardware device available from CPL. Voice notifications are available via phone (with voice modem) or Skype. PageR features extensive notification options and alarm escalation support.

With version 5, PageR can record monitoring history to an SQL database for reporting and analysis.

PageR provides web-based network status display and alarm control via any web browser. You can send manual pages from a web browser as well.

PageR is easy to understand, easy to use and low in cost. You can start monitoring your network in just a few minutes!

PageR Enterprise  keeps watch on your network and informs you if trouble occurs!

Download a Demo of PageR Enterprise

PageR Enterprise is a product of CPL Systems of the U.K. in partnership with Software Devices

PageR is available in the U.S. from Software Devices. 

PageR Enterprise support is subject to additional terms discussed here.