Sales and Support  

Software Device’s products are sold and supported through a world-wide network of distributors and partners. Our sales and support office is located at:


Software Devices LLC
P.O. Box 12299
Olympia, WA. 98508


Software Devices also conducts business under the trade name RAC Consulting.

Our products are sold and supported world wide by our network of  distributors.

Our products are also sold by  partners  in conjunction with software or hardware products produced by those partners.

All of our products are available free for evaluation on a time-limited basis. Products have a 90-day money back warranty. First year maintenance is charged at time of purchase. Volume discounts on list prices are available. Prices may vary outside the United States.

Support questions may be emailed at any time. Telephone support is no longer available. Response is typically next business day. Support hours and response outside the US is set by the local distributor.

PageR Enterprise support is subject to additional terms discussed here.