XEROX Printers on the HP3000
 PRINTPATH Network Printing and Xerox Printers

Software Device's PRINTPATH Network printing solution for the HP3000 has long supported the use of Xerox printers with the HP3000 over TCP/IP connections. Using the LPD/LPR printing protocol, which is supported by Xerox printers, PRINTPATH can deliver HP3000 print jobs to Xerox printers. PRINTPATH's programmable banners and extensive support of environment files gives the HP3000 user easy mechanisims to control the printing and formatting functionality of Xerox printers.

In fact, Xerox DocuPrint printers using the Xerox print formatting language XGF/VIPP, in conjunction with PRINTPATH, make an excellent HP2680/88 replacement as well as a general high-volume printing solution.

Xerox has accepted PRINTPATH as a connectivity Solution Provider for mating Xerox DocuPrint NPS and 180 LPS printers with the HP3000. This means that Xerox sales reps can order PRINTPATH as part of the printer package, delivering a complete printer solution.

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