Google Cloud Print End of Life Announcement

On November 21 2019, Google announced the end of support for Google Cloud Print (GCP) effective January 1, 2021. We do not know the full story behind this action but feel this is a short sighted decision that will affect many individuals and organziations negatively.

End of support means GCP will be shut down. Given that Cloud Print for Windows (CPfW) is a service on top of GCP, Cloud Print for Windows will cease to function at that time. Therefore, support for CPfW will also end effective January 1, 2021. Between now and then we will do our best to keep CPfW running and respond to support requests, but those efforts may be hampered by further action or inaction by Google.

We deeply regret that this has come to pass but everyone in the GCP ecosystem has been operating on the hope that GCP would move past "beta" status. As called out in the CPfW license agreement, GCP being dropped has always been a possibility.

At this time, we do not have a reccomended solution to replace GCP and the additional functionalty that CPfW layers on top of GCP. We will be investigating several replacement options and hope to identify a solution for CPfW users as soon as possible. We can tell you that Software Devices will not be undertaking any effort to replace GCP or modify CPfW to work with any other printing service.

If you have questions about all of this, please email them to and we will do our best to answer them.